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Mechanic Preston

ucker Cars have acquired a legendary status and cult following over the years far in advance of their status when they were first produced. The Tucker 48 Sudan nicknamed the Tucker Torpedo was conceived by Preston Tucker and briefly made in Chicago in 1948 the company was the only in existence for a year until its eventual collapse in march 1949 and in that time only 51 Tuckers were made. A product of post war opportunities the Tucker Sudan was an innovative design in its day with futuristic styling from Preston Tucker and at the final stages by Alex Tremulis who had previously worked on Auburn & Duesenberg models.

Its streamline design giving rise to the adopted nickname of the Tucker Torpedo. The Tucker Sudan was also in advance of other models of the forties having been designed with an outer shell for crash protection and a steering box placed behind the front axel to further add to the drivers protection in the event of a head on collision. The engine was of a flat six-cylinder design with an innovative fuel injection system driven by oil pressure as opposed to the normal camshaft mechanism. Another innovative feature was a third headlight for use in turning placed in the middle it also gave rise to the nickname of Cyclops. At the time of production the Tucker Torpedo was dubbed the most aerodynamic production car in the world with a drag coefficient of less than 0.28

The Tucker Automobile Company ran in to difficulties when it was alleged Preston Tucker had been investigated by the U.S securities and exchange commission for his accessories program. This led to indictment of the tucker company execs and although all charges were eventually dropped the damage to the Tucker Automobiles Company PR had a lasting and unshakeable effect culminating in the eventual collapse just a single year after production had begun.